LIGHTSPEED CONSULTING - For All Your Audio & Video Installation Requirements
Hello and welcome to lightspeed consulting. A small Family Style and fun orientated  company located in the Queen City, Charlotte NC  where you can find information about the latest in audio and video technology. See some of our high quality installation practices. Get advice before you make new purchases and generally talk about any thing that might be possible.

Having done some truly amazing systems over the years its easy to learn the sky is the limit. Limited only by your imagination.

So let me tell you a little about lightspeed consulting.

Lightspeed consulting was started in an effort to continue to interact with all of the consumer electronics I had grown to love and to support the clients who had made these purchases. This happened after the company I had worked for since early 2000 sadly went bankrupt. I had worked for a $800,000,000.00 company, The Tweeter home entertainment group for many years.
In the beginning I was employed as a lead installation technician and that progressed into a management position running a very large install dept Working out of one of the top ten stores in the entire country. In later years that had progressed into a small region covering 4 stores across two states, North and South Carolina. I had the privilege of working with some phenomenal installers , sales people and store managers over the years. Some of them have gone on to other things and some of them help out when needed. Having been in and around the audio video industry since 1992 where a laserdisc player hooked to a big heavy tube TV was considered cutting edge!

I can still remember my first stereo VHS player, A Toshiba top loader with giant piano keys. But at the time it didn't seem like it would ever get better than this. The stereo output hooked into my 2 channel amp hooked to a pair or speakers that had paper cones and a horn tweeter.

It has been an interesting time seeing the flat panel TV come into its own. The advent of Hi-definition Bluray DVD movies and HD television broadcasts. Incredible sound formats, Dolby digital AC3 becoming Dolby digital 5.1 and then 7.1, DTS, Dolby truHD and not forgetting Mr Lucas and his THX sound format. More recently adding DTS Master audio 7.1 for amazingly clear crisp well defined sound.

Being a passionate movie watcher and collector it has been a wonderful time over the last 12 years to see all this new technology come to fruition. To be able to install and play with some incredible equipment producing the best in picture and sound. To at times be truly surrounded by sound and immersed into the movie environment.

Lightspeed consulting also surrounds itself with talented business partners so if I don't know the answer chances are I know some one who does.
thanks for stopping on by.
Barrie J Clark